The Wedding Timeline: 10 tips to choosing your wedding cake

Cake-cutting event is a fairly common session in the local wedding scenes.  With so many types & styles to choose from, we asked Sue Jolani from De Bliss Bakes to give 10 quick tips on getting your wedding cake right.


Tip #1: Order your wedding cake early

Plan early if you are clueless as to what wedding cake you like.  You should have enough time to look around, find inspirations & find your baker.  Order your wedding cake at least 6 months in advance, especially during wedding seasons, as your baker may not have available slots for you & he/she needs ample time to do a proper consultation & preparation.

Tip #2: Inspirations

Choosing a wedding cake is not a piece of cake.  Do your homework! Do your research online, listen to word-of-mouth or peep at other weddings.  Seek out online testimonials and reviews before you schedule a meeting.  Choose a cake that is compatible to the style of the venue, your outfits, the decor, or the menu.  If you have a particular colour accent for your wedding, you should provide the colour swatch to your baker.  Providing pictures of cakes during consultation can prevent miscommunication & help bakers to give recommendations too.

Tip #3: Know your budget

Set a budget for your wedding cake as it will determine the size & the complexity of the design.  Handcrafted adornments, customization & add-ons will raise the price.  Do be realistic with your expectations if you have a limited budget.  Discuss with you baker if he/she has alternatives to achieve the specific look.

Tip #4: Know your servings

How many pax are you catering for?  This serving size will determine the size of your cake, the number of tiers/cupcakes or even an option for dummy tiers.  Your cake needs to be size appropriately and it must suit you, your invites & your budget.  You might not want to order an oversize cake & ended up eating the left-overs for weeks!

Tip #5: Consider your venue

The venue for your cake-cutting event is as important as your cake.  Keep in mind that the size & style should fit the venue.  Your wedding cake should compliment your wedding, not stuck out like a sore thumb.  Do consider the venue's temperature.  Is your wedding indoors with air-conditioning or outdoors?  Some wedding cake options can withstand the outdoor weather while others will melt.

Tip #6: Garnish & cake toppers

Do you want artificial, edible gumpaste or fresh flowers on your cake?  Get your florist to collaborate with your baker should you want the same fresh flowers on your cake with your venue decor.

Give your wedding cake a story.  Adding a topper adds a personalized touch to your cake.  There are many beautiful and unique ways to top off your cake.  If you are getting your own topper, do pass it to your baker well in advance.

Tip #7: Choose your own cake flavours

Choose something that you like, not everyone else’s.  Stay true to yourself.  After all, it’s your wedding!  If you are thinking of serving a variety of flavours to your invites, you can consider having cupcakes tiers or or mini cakes.  Some bakers charges a bit more for premium flavours & fillings.

Tip #8: Wedding cake table set-up & delivery

Make sure there is a designated table that allows the most elegant presentation possible for your wedding cake.  Get your wedding/decor planner to set up the table to make the cake stand out.  If you are setting it up on your own, ensure to assign someone to set the table up before the cake arrive.

Wedding cake delivery needs coordination.  Transporting a tiered wedding cake is no easy feat as they are very precarious.Complex cakes are usually not delivered in its final form.  Do allow your baker enough time & space to assemble and set up your cake.  It is best to get someone thrustworthy to collect your wedding cake should your baker is unable to deliver it.

Tip #9: Serve your cake or pack for favours

Have someone to serve or pack the cake after the cake-cutting ceremony.  Check with your bakers if they provide boxes for packing.

Tip #10: Know how to cut your cake

Cutting your wedding cake properly will enable you to serve appropriate servings to your invites.  If your cake has a dummy cake,  ensure that your baker indicates or inform someone where it is.  Do not, I repeat, do not cut the dummy cake!

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