The Wedding Timeline: Confessions of a Mak Andam

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The term "Mak Andam" is simply a bride's beautician. In a way, they are equivalent to a make-up artist but they do hold a major role in the Malay wedding itself. Mdm Mashuri Mohamed from Mas Ayu Bridal, was kind enough to give us some insights about the trade & some tips for the brides-to-be 🙂

1. When is the best time to do a fitting?

The best time to do the 1st fitting is 3 months before the actual wedding date. This will provide ample time for alterations or even tailor made or buy new ones to ensure there's suitable outfits for them. Subsequent fittings might be needed. The last fitting would be around 2 weeks before the actual date.

2. How long does it take to do a bridal make-up?

I prefer to come 3 hours earlier even though the Makeup/Hairdo/Hijab time takes around 2 hours to complete. Brides get wedding jitters - they panic when the hour gets nearer especially when they hear the prominent 'Assalamualaikum' from relatives & friends. They start to shiver & some even farted ok! Try putting on lipsticks on these brides, you'll understand why some brides' lipsticks goes haywire...all the lip-pursings and all. More time means relaxed mood for both the Mak Andam and bride. If one have to rush through the makeup & everything, I doubt that the bride will be relaxed...

3. How long does it take to change from one outfit to another?

A change in outfit can take between 30 mins to almost 1 hour - depending on the outfit prior & after. I can change a sanggul lintang within 30-45 mins with an assistant but 1 hour if I'm alone.

4. Based on her body shape, are there any restrictions to what kind of outfit the bride can wear?

Restrictions, yes of cos. All brides want to look the best...want to follow celebs, models etc. Perhaps they cannot see themselves in those outfits they suggested but we can. So if it's unflattering, I will gently tell them & suggest another outfit. Usually they will listen & at the end of the day, they'll be thankful for our advice.

5. What is the trend amongst brides & grooms nowadays?

Simplicity & Pastel. Though I do get my fair share of those really 'traditional' brides n grooms, demanding for bold colors, style etc. We normally try to cater to their preferences & requests. Classic n Evergreen Songket are still in demand though...despite people saying that it's too hot to wear etc!

6. What are your tips for brides-to-be to ensure that your make-up stays long on their face?

LOL! This is easy... Panicky brides are messy brides. The more you panic, the more you perspire. So, relax & chill and leave it to the mak andam's expertise and branded cosmetics to do the work...You will look flawless!!! Another point to take note, one must have a standing fan next to the dias for my bride!!!
For Malay brides, no need to drink more water especially the night before - you will get bloatedness, eye bags etc!

7. Short hair or long hair - which one is better for Mak Andam & why?

Long hair please...below shoulder is the best. It is easier to style. Even though nowadays we have wigs, extensions, buns, sanggul, if the hair is too short, Some mak andams will have trouble even to do siput (hairbun).

8. What are your tips for brides-to-be who wants to don the sanggul lintang?

Brides must not have an empty stomach! - the anxiety alone can make them faint. I always advise them to take 2 Panadols 30 mins before donning the sanggul lintang. As for me, I will have to take note of bride's & groom's heights, bride's size, the outfit they chose and most importantly, the time frame of the wedding. All plays a part.

9. What is the significance of a Sireh Lat Lat?

There are no phones during the olden times. Sireh Lat Lat is to be sent to the groom to signal that the bride is ready for him to come over for the Sanding ceremony. He will thus carry it with him to the wedding dias.

10. What is "Duit Kipas"?

During the olden times, the Mak Andam is usually either the bride's aunt or relative, so her service is FOC - Duit kipas is a monetary gift token for the Mak Andam's service. At same time, as a customary gesture, the groom has to give this duit kipas or "passport" during the gatecrashing practice before the Mak Andam removes the fan (kipas) covering the bride's face. The amount of duit kipas has differed now & there's even a range for it!

A Mak Andam's resposibility doesn't end there - she is usually the Maid-of-honour, always in hand with packets of tissues, bobbin pins, safety pins, facial blotters for touch ups. She's also the timekeeper - ensuring that the couple leaves on time for the usual traditional wedding processions & that the photo-taking sessions doesn’t over-run. These are just some tasks of what the do to ensure that you stay a beautiful bride during your wedding.

Thanx to Mdm Mashuri Mohamed (Mas Ayu Bridal) for her contribution to this post 🙂


**This article was previously posted in our old site.

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