5 Tips for Low-cost DIY Newborn Photoshoot

Now you have a new addition to the family & of course, you want to capture his/her early moments. There'll be times when you can hire a professional photographer but if you intend to DIY, any parents can do these at home without breaking the bank. We are sharing with you 5 tips on doing your own newborn photoshoot.

1. Timing is the key

Shoot no later than 14 days

Most newborns are "sleepy" within their 1st 14 days of life. While they sleep up to 16-18 hours a day, you can take advantage of these timing to conduct your photoshoot session. Plan ahead & consider how many poses or outfits you want to include - do take into account their feeding or diaper-changing times.


Shafiq Adam 01

2. Keep the poses simple

It's a baby, not an acrobat!

Personally, we find newborns are super-flexible during this period. Parents might want to simulate some poses you found from Pinterest or Google but don't be dishearten if you encounter some difficulties. You must remember that some of those poses are done by professionals and that's a baby, not an acrobat.

Capture their tiny features like button noses, wrinkly skin, fingers & toes, protruding belly button etc. Expressions count too - their serene faces when they snooze or sudden smirks/smiles!

Baby fingers
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Ariel 03

3. Lighting is key

Go natural or search for good lighting

Do your setup where you can get good natural lighting (like a large window). You don't need fancy studio lighting equipment to have good lighting.

Some of our recommendations are:

  • Ring beauty lights
  • Table lights
  • Diffused LED torchlights

Not every photo must be high-key. Some sessions can be low-key as well to capture the serene mood.

Ariel 02

5. Props or no props

Even the simplest thing can become a prop

The keyword is "creativity"! Finding props can be fun & you can even use items around the house to create DIY props.

Some examples are:

  • Ribbons for headbands
  • Children's books
  • Baskets/boxes from hampers
  • Baby toys
  • Blankets / swaddles

You can decorate plain walls with faux bricks or textures. If you prefer simple background, you can shoot again plain walls or cloth backdrops.

Shafiq Adam 03
Ariel 01

5. Camera or Smartphone

Use whatever that is convenient for you

You do not need to invest in expensive DSLR camera to get a good photo. If you have one, use it. If not, no worries. With advance technology today, smartphones with specific apps can help you capture & edit the photos with ease.

Most of the smartphone cameras' resolutions nowadays are above 12MP - you can easily print an A4 size photo with those specs.


The essence of a good photo is the lighting, angle & creativity. Remember that you want to minimize the fuss and maximize the cuteness!

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