5 recommended places to visit in PERTH (via the less travelled route)

1. Katanning

(i) Visit the Katanning Mosque

Katanning is a relatively small town, with population less than 4000.  This town is so small that it has no traffic light & only 1 roundabout! The population here is made up of a large Muslim community that arrived from Christmas Island in 1974 & they built a beautiful mosque to accommodate their religious needs.


Location: LOT 18 Warren Rd, Katanning WA 6317, Australia

Katanning map

(ii) Lunch at The Daily Grind Cafe

Katanning mosque

You 'll be delighted to find a Halal cafe serving full Malaysian & Aussie meals here. The Daily Grind Cafe is owned by a Malaysian, Mr Alep, who is very well known for his awesome hospitality. Look out for their Beef Rendang dish!


Location: 90 Clive Street, Katanning, Western Australia

The Daily Grind

2. Lily Dutch Windmill

Selfie with a C-47 aircraft

Located approximately 390km from Perth, The Lily Windmill is the only operational flour producing windmill on mainland Australia.

If you plan to unwind here, Stirling Ranges provides self-contained accommodations & one of which is a restored Dakota aircraft, that can fit up to 2 pax. This place is a definite site to relax with low light pollution - a perfect place to enjoy the stars.


Location: 9793 Chester Pass Road - Amelup (Stirling Range National Park) WA 6338 - Western Australia.


Lily dutch windmill
Dakota Lily Dutch Windmill

3. The 3 Gems in Albany

The city of Albany lies at the Southern edge of Australia & other than being famous for their heritage preservation, they are also famous for their king waves. If you happen to be in Albany, there are 3 places that we can recommend you to visit: The Cable Beach viewpoint, The Gap & The Albany Wind Farm.


(i) The Cable Beach Viewpoint: Be awed by the Southern Ocean

Along the way to the Gap, there is a car park that give you access to Cable Beach via a steep flight of stairs. If you don't plan to descent, the Southern Ocean view at the top is enough to take your breath away. To the right hand corner, the Cave Point Lighthouse awaits.


Cable Beach viewpoint
Cable beach

(ii) The Gap & Natural Bridge: Stand at the edge & let the waves scare you

The Gap is a viewing platform, standing 40 metres above the sea. This raised walkway provides visitors exhilarating view of the ocean while experiencing the thunderous power of the sea. Nearby is The Natural Bridge - a granite formation that looks like a giant rock bridge.

The Gap King Waves
The Gap
The Natural Bridge (Albany)

(iii) The Albany Wind Farm: Stare at the majestic 18

The Albany Wind Farm is the largest wind farm in Australia. One just cannot stop staring at the 18 65m tall turbines while walking at the wooden walkways & paved trails circulating the area.


Location: LOT 8141 Sand Patch Rd, Sandpatch WA 6330, Australia

Albany Wind Farm

4. Valley of the Giants

Explore the wilderness from the tree-top walk

Walk through the unspoiled ancient Australian forest & meet these gigantic trees. There's 2 pathways for you to venture - the Treetop walk & the Ancient Empire Walk.

The Treetop Walk is a 600 metres stunning walkway, 40 metres above the ground. It can be quite a magical walk while you embrace the height & atmosphere. The 450 metres Ancient Empire trail provides a relatively quiet session across the forest floor in between the tingle trees. They allocated some photo spots for you inside some giant hollow tree trunks!

To go up the Treetop walk will cost you AUD$21, however the Ancient Empire trail is free. Do pick a good season & timing to visit.


Location: Valley of the Giants Road, Tingledale, Western Australia

Valley of the giants

5. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Catch the sunset from a cliff & stargaze your night away

Opened in 1895, the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is a definite place to visit in Augusta. This lighthouse sits on a point facing a beautiful coastline where 2 oceans meet.

Entrance fee is AUD$20 but if you come after the last available guided tour, you can enter at a discounted rate. If you want to climb up the lighthouse then you need a guided tour, otherwise you can galavant the area by yourself.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

There are 2 places near the lighthouse where you can catch the sunset. For a low seascape point, you can go to the Historic Water Wheel site, towards the right of the lighthouse entrance. The Water Wheel was built in 1895 to supply water to the builders of the lighthouse & the keepers' cottage.

For a high vantage view, one can drive up the Skippy Rock Road and park at the side of the road. This place is only recommended if you are driving an equivalent to a 4WD due to the road conditions. Also be aware that it'll be pitch dark once the sun set as there are no street lights.

Historic Water Wheel
Skippy Rock Road

Astrolovers will fall in love with Augusta. Upon nightfall, the stars spread across the sky & you'll be awed by the sight. Recommended sites to shoot the stars are at the carpark next to Leeuwin Road & lighthouse carpark. Standby your coldwear, a thermos of hot drink & wait for the Milky Way to emerge!


Location: Leeuwin Road, AUGUSTA WA 6290, Australia

Augusta Milky Way


  1. Alvin on January 4, 2019 at 6:43 am

    Wow ! I didn’t manage to see these attractions when I was at Perth some years back. Good information!

    • admin on January 7, 2019 at 12:45 pm

      Time for a re-visit?

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